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We are a PR and Media company, and our only goal is to make you and your brand a star in your industry. Our commitment is to get your story into the world’s top publications on 5 continents!
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We are an international team that spans the globe, with staff on three continents writing and publishing stories in newspapers and magazines the world over!

Over 800 top international publications on five continents, including Forbes, GQ, Entrepreneur, Elle, Rolling Stone, L'Officiel, USA Today, The Sun, Mirror, The Independent, OK Magazine, and more.

More than 70 television channels are available to us to promote your brand, including FOX, NBC, CBS, CW, Univision, and more.

VUGA and its Founders as featured In:

Forbes, L'Officiel, OK! magazine, The Sun, The Independent, Daily Mirror, Yahoo and many others
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Our partner companies include: VUGA Enterprises | VUGA Publishing | 24Fashion TV | Gossip Stone TV.

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Join a global network of brands enjoying the kind of marketing boost that only top tier PR companies like VUGA Media Group can deliver its clients.

We help businesses in different industries including entertainment, business and celebrities. Our personal brand and publicity clients include celebrities, business brands and owners, influencers, artists, bloggers, designers, and other public personas.


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