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24Fashion TV is an American TV channel broadcasting on Amazon Fire TV, ROKU TV and iOS app with a combined maximum platform reach of over 200M households worldwide.

24Fashion TV has been a media sponsor of major international fashion shows such as New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Dubai Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and many more.

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24Fashion TV is an American fashion media and entertainment network distributing video content for the international fashion industry. The network includes a TV channel, online social media site and professional network, and dedicated apps written for Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, and iOS.

The 24Fashion.tv website is an online magazine dedicated to fashion that syndicates content to other magazines that are a part of the 24Fashion TV network. These magazines feature a high Google site ranking with all content receiving immediate high Google search result ranking after publication.

Advertising and promotional content options are available:


press release

Promotional press release or special event article. Distribution in 12 other publications.
  • up to 15 photos
  • 1,000 words included
  • immediately visible on Google

Written Interview

Written interview, distribution in 12 other publications.
  • up to 15 photos
  • 1,000 words included
  • immediately visible on Google

Video Broadcast

Broadcasting of your promotional video up to 10 min in length.
  • color correction
  • light music editing
  • TV channel
  • 24Fashion TV website

Video interview

On-camera interview during an event or by special arrangement (price may vary depending on TV host and location). Does not include travel expenses.
  • color correction
  • full editing
  • light music editing
  • TV channel, website

brand banner

Permanent banner on main page. Banner size: 679px by 86px. Your banner will include a link to the URL of your choice with the “follow” option. (Very important for your SEO visibility).
  • permanent (no rotated)

24FashionTV franchise

Franchise opportunities to different locations/countries
  • 1 column published on 24Fashion.tv website with access to publish in any language (ex: 24Fashion TV country) when you put articles, news etc.
  • 12 other websites press distribution
  • Up to 5 mailboxes with [name]@24fashion.TV
  • Official rights to build a local website 24Fashion TV
  • Official using 24FashionTV logo and name in the local territory
  • Access to high fashion video content to use our videos on your local TV channel (built by the franchisee).
  • Sponsor profits from all commercial packages on their local TV channel (local sponsors, showing advertising, or licensing the video stream to salons, bars, lounges, etc.
  • Right to use 24Fashion TV as the name of nightclub/restaurant or other venues.
  • Videos produced by the Franchisee that are of high quality, will also be published on the main channel.