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Exorcist superhero was created by Victoria Unikel to head her scandalous political industrial rock group of the same name in 2007.

Exorcist is featured in a series of graphic novels and NFTs. The comic book has been published on Amazon’s comiXology store. A unique limited edition gothic political NFT collection saga is being published on KnownOrigin.io as a long-running series.

Victoria Unikel Exorcist


EXORCISTA – superhero and witchcraft killer. Wears a gold medallion that symbolizes her powers. She is an expert at edged weapons; swords are her favorites. Fires lightning bolts. Can fly. Controls the spirits of all faiths and mythologies.

EXORCISTA is not just one person – it is a mission and a calling that is given to one person every thousand years to fight for the powers of light and goodness.